When can I tour the space?

The facility is available for tours by appointment only. We are extremely flexible; however, we cannot show the property during an event. Contact venue manager Ashley Wood to schedule your tour!

What is included?

We have a standard package that you can view on our features and amenities page.

What is the rain plan?

We have designed our barn with a draping system that allows the space to be partitioned, in case it rains. The curtains separate the space depending on your guest size and retract following the ceremony to allow the reception set up to commence.

Do you provide event coordination?

We regretfully do not provide event coordination and planning; we do recommend that you hire a planner and coordinator for your wedding day needs!

How do we book with you?

It is imperative to us that you like the space; the first step is to schedule a tour and view the space! After your tour, we will talk through the contract, and you would pay your deposit and sign the contract to move forward.

Can we bring in any vendors we want?

We want to work with as many great vendors as we can. However, due to safety, we require any caterers working in our facility to be insured and reputable. Any caterers not on our list would need to show proof of insurance and pay a $250 security deposit. This deposit is returned to them after the event, assuming the kitchen and facility are in good condition! Outside of caterers we allow any vendors.

Can we serve our own alcohol at the wedding?

You are permitted to serve alcohol at the facility. However, we require the appropriate license either held by your caterer or by the client through a special permit from the state, and we require a certified bartender to distribute the alcohol.

Can I provide my own food?

Within the barn itself, we do not allow food that is not served by a licensed caterer. However, for smaller events on the porch at the Smith Lodge, we do allow you to bring your own food.

Are there any decoration restrictions?

We do not allow any open flames; they must be enclosed in glass. Also, we do not allow any staples, nails, or screws to be used to attach items to the building. You may begin decorating at the beginning of your 12-hour period unless otherwise approved by the venue manager.

Is there parking at the facility?

We have a dedicated parking lot for up to 150 cars directly across from the barn. We also have a separate handicapped parking space next to the building.

Who will set up the rentals?

Any tables, and chairs that The Addison Farm provides will be set up by our staff on the morning of your event. Any outsourced rentals must be set up by the staff of the outsourced company.