The Addison Farm is one of Central North Carolina’s newest high-end wedding venues. The original “Four Corner’s Farm” was purchased by Kevin Sasser, owner of Sasser Farm’s LLC in the late summer of 2014 to expand for his Simmental-Angus cattle operation.

The original barn structure on the farm was recently renovated; it was once a functioning cattle facility. The property is also home to the headwaters of Buttermilk Creek, a natural spring-fed creek, which provides water for all of our beautiful ponds on the property.

The sheer beauty of the land was enough for Kevin to move forward with renovations to create the breathtaking venue we have today. The renovated barn now includes the addition of the bridal suite, catering kitchen, and the Veranda overlooking the rolling hills.

Kevin wanted to name the farm after his first granddaughter, which is how the farm got its name today, The “Addison” Farm. The “Smith” Lodge was added in the spring of 2017, named after Kevin’s first grandson. The lodge serves as a separate location for the grooms, and also, to provide a  space for smaller events and team-building activities.